This is a FORK of the FOAF-a-matic mark 2!

The FOAF-a-matic is a program designed to allow easy creation and editing of FOAF files.

It is currently in BETA, which means that not all of the advertised functions may work as expected, and there may be bugs.

It is currently only available as an entire package (including source, executables, docs, etc.), which is downloadable here

It looks just like the original, so screenshots are on Leigh's page, here.

This fork was begun after it seemed that Leigh Dodds wasn't doing any more work on the original. I emailed Leigh on the 9th May 2003 to ask if there's any work in progress, and didn't get a reply. Hence the fork. Future progress will be mainly based around the todo list on the original FOAF-a-matic mark 2 page, but also by what I think might be nice to have. :)


beta 2 - 02 June 2003

known bugs