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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

RSSOwl | RSS & RDF Newsreader

A cross-platform desktop aggregator in SWT

Looks pretty good, works OK although slightly unintuitive in places and laborious in others, but very feature-complete (including blogthis functionality, grouping, well-implemented searching, multiple languages built-in etc.), cross-platform and open source (it's Java, but fast) ! What more could you ask for?

Something different that it's got going for it is the export of single or multiple feeds as HTML or PDF. This is a decent way to aggregate data so that it can be printed.

It seems to support Atom A-OK although it doesn't actually say so on the website, which is a bit disappointing, and it doesn't run as using the XP theme as default on my machine (although there are instructions in the extensive and detailed documentation on how to do this).

Definitely worth another look.

It's actually come to my attention that RSSOwl features in the Weblogs Compendium which I purported to cover in Part One, Part Two and Conclusion. Ah well :)