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Monday, December 08, 2003

Thunderbird 0.4 is out, and I’ve been using it for the past 24 hours or so, and it’s definitely an improvement over 0.3.

Lots of little bugs have been fixed (hopefully as well as some larger ones ;), and the default icon set is a lot more professional than the previous one. Sadly, the default icon for the application still looks like a new piece of mail, which could do with changing – taskbar confusion ahoy!

I also owe an apology to Hotmail Popper which I dissed slightly in a comment on one of Simon Willison’s posts.

I said that it didn’t delete messages from your Hotmail Inbox when you deleted them in Thunderbird – it does, of course, but only once you’ve removed them from your Trash folder.

However, messages don’t seem to have the “unread” flag unset in Hotmail once you’ve read them in Thunderbird, so as soon as you use the web interface, Outlook Express or whatever, it lists “50 new messages” or whatever. Annoying, but bearable, currently.