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Monday, December 08, 2003

Not waving but drawing.

Or some other bad pun.

GeoURL is becoming more and more useless to me as it gets clogged up with more and more deviantART home pages.

Take any random search in the UK, for example, and in the top 100, I’ll guarantee at least 50 are pointless deviantART home pages.

For example: here I am and a quick grep reveals no fewer than FIFTY-ONE in the top 100.

Centred on my home city of Bristol there are also 51.

I’m all for art, but for God’s sake! Some kind of filter! Please! I know there’s an xml feed, and if I wanted I could implement something on that, but as the site gets clogged with more and more of these effectively useless pages, its efficacy and entire reason for existing comes into question.