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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Another one of those somethings which I’d love to do but just don’t have time for (ping Lazyweb!):

What I’d like is a basic reminders system based around Jabber, probably using iCard-RDF (see also: RDF Calendar Workspace and other references on the iCard-RDF page) as the storage format.

A web front end should allow a user to either:
a) manually enter a time and date for a new event (entering new events via a Jabber component should also be allowed)
b) select an event from an iCal source to add to a user’s diary

a user also specifies how far in advance of each event they should be reminded about it.

Then, at the appointed time, ping they get a Jabber message reminding them.

There seems to be some work already going on for full PIM applications via Jabber (organising meetings, appointments, etc. etc.), but I just want a thin end of the wedge application, and this would suit my needs perfectly. I’d love for Jabber to be able to remind me when my favourite programs are on telly (via Ananove XMLTV -> iCard-RDF), or when I should be out buying birthday cards. Using Jabber would mean, for instance, that whilst at home I could set a reminder to do something in particular at lunchtime when at work the next day, or if I was out and about, on my (forthcoming) iPaq (with bluetooth and WiFi). No matter where I would be, so long as I was connected to Jabber (and I almost always am), I’d receive the reminder.

This seems easy enough to write the code for, but I just don’t have time! Anyone just willing to lend a hand, please get in touch!