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Friday, November 21, 2003

Whilst doing some cursory work at home (Windows XP) on my new weblog design (I promise I’ll move one day!) I realised that the page title was perfectly smooth and rounded, despite being quite large, and being plain text. I was very pleased with this, thinking I had in some way contributed to it by use of good colour and @em@s for sizing.

So imagine my disappointment when I came into work to look at the same page in Windows 2000 at found that it was horridly jagged,

After testing on another machine I confirmed that it was the XP/2K difference which was changing the smoothing, and I assume this is because of ClearType.

I’d always thought that ClearType only affected LCD monitors, but clearly CRT benefits in just the same way.

(I’d like to have included some screenshots, but my XP access has been cruelly snatched away from me here at work)