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Monday, October 27, 2003

I’d like to be able to talk in glowing terms about – it has noble ideals and seems to be A Good Idea. I think they have some bugs to work on though – on first import, it thought I was Ben Hammersely (a fact which, I can assure you, as can Ben, is untrue).


And now, having cleared that up manually and having established some relationships, seems to believe that I am an airport, and that it is not I, but the airport which knows people. Most perplexing.

<ns4:Airport rdf:nodeID="bNode1">
   <ns8:acquaintanceOf rdf:nodeID="bNode12"/>
   <ns8:knowByRep rdf:nodeID="bNode10"/>
   <ns8:knowByRep rdf:nodeID="bNode11"/>
   <ns3:depiction rdf:resource=""/>
   <ns3:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
   <ns3:name>Phil Wilson</ns3:name>
   <ns3:schoolHomepage rdf:resource=""/>
   <ns3:weblog rdf:resource=""/>
   <ns3:workInfoHomepage rdf:resource=" web development"/>
   <ns3:workplaceHomepage rdf:resource=""/>

I’m also not sure what it’s done to my workInfoHompage property.

It’s only alpha code, but still – I thought we had working RDF parsers?