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7:20 PM

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Christof asked (via JabRSS growth by Jim) and who am I to disappoint? To add to the current feature request list I’d like:

  • import/export OCS
  • import/export OPML
  • ability to force an update instead of having to wait until the next system-wide update
  • should be a transport/component instead of Bot user

um, and I think that’s it for new requests! Overall I’m very pleased with JabRSS. Because it’s Jabber-based my subscriptions go wherever I go, they’re easy to turn off, it’s easy to use, it’s unobtrusive (depending on your Jabber client settings, obviously). I love it.

With Charles Miller’s words on voting for bugs still echoing loudly in my ears, as a technical user I’d like to be able to get more information on feeds which have some kind of error. For me, that currently means: