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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Public Service Announcement

In an attempt to help Mark Pilgrim (of reduce his bandwidth cost, the application will from now on ignore any attempt to retrieve any url from and associated sites. The algorithm to protect Mark Pilgrim from having to pay the price of unwanted bandwidth use is as follow: any url simultaneously containing "diveinto" and ".org" will be ignored. This should hopefully cover most of Mark Pilgrim's sites.

The maker of ZOE is publicly urging any person in a position to help Mark Pilgrim reduce his bandwidth cost to do so promptly as Mark Pilgrim's situation is untenable. Removing any references to and associated web sites from your DNS server should be the most efficient way to help Mark Pilgrim reduce his bandwidth cost. Thank you in advance for helping Mark Pilgrim.

This site is taking up the call, removing Mark Pilgrim from the blogroll on the right, and the owner's aggregator. Help Mark Pilgrim today!