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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I just finished updating my FOAF file. Thanks Jim for the help. – Eric Thauvin

We shouldn’t have to do this by hand. We need GUI tools. FOAF-a-matic mk 2 is good but incomplete. As of ten minutes ago it now imports friends from vCard files and you can open your existing FOAF file and have the GUI updated with the info it contains.


  • provide GUI components for all base FOAF properties
  • look into providing dynamic a GUI for properties from other namespaces (I doubt this is possible in Thinlet)


  • App now inclues Jena libraries, and is massively bigger as a result
  • I don’t know if Leigh Dodds (the original author) has already done this work, or more, or anything. I emailed him a few days ago, but no response as yet. Does anyone know anything?