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Friday, March 28, 2003

I want my new server.

I also want a Java version of Textile (JTextile? Hello, Humble Narrator).

And how about this: from a single Jabber account, I want to be able to auto-generate a comprehensive FOAF file.

  1. from JID (using vCard) JID2FOAF (php)
  2. from roster (using vCards) Roster2FOAF (php)
  3. from MSN contacts (contact details) msn2foaf (perl)
  4. from exisiting OPML file (using autodiscovery)
in Java.

I also want Joggle to support iCalendar so I can have my appointments wherever I go, and be notified via Jabber (if necessary via SMS using the ICQ interface (if it still works these days)). Is this too much to ask?