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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Good products aren't written under insanely tight time constraints.
Good products have some form of written specification.
Good products have an architectural model

I'm so glad I decided to take my time with Joggle and try and do it in a way that seemed sensible instead of just knocking out code that would _work_, but wouldn't be very _good_. This is the state of the current product we're making at work, now I have to bend it to my will to produce websites. “Impossible!” I hear you cry! And you may be right.

In other news, a Java blogging tool based around the design concepts of Bloxsom, blojosm and I'd forgotten all about the "Most popular friend of friends" page.

I changed my template on the 7th of March, anytime you want to publish it, Blogger, feel free.......
13th March: And about time too.