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10:29 AM

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Bookmarks are useless - what's the point of having a series of bookmarks that only gets stored on one machine? At work this is no problem for me, a fast connection and Google and I can find anything anyway, but at home I'm on dial-up, this means bookmarks. Of course, all of my bookmarks are made when at work.

So what I want to see is a central resource for storing your bookmarks on the web (not a new idea), integrated and accessible from within the browser. For the sake of argument call them "Netmarks". For the sake of argument (and ease), make your browser Gecko-based. And now add some items to the "bookmarks" menu which makes XML-RPC calls to a server storing your current URL, as well as storing it as a bookmark (Netmark this page, Manage Netmarks, etc.).

These should all be retrievable from any Gecko-based Mozilla-based application (where's the XRE when you need it?) based on a user-id and probably a password.

This is all possible with what we've got right now. Instant global bookmarks with no extra effort from the end user.

Now someone just has to write it.